Ramón Bürki found his passion in filmmaking by creating short travel- and experimental videos. He studied at the New York Film Academy in Miami where he acquired professional hands-on development in cinema production, including the art and techniques of storytelling. 

In 2019, he graduated honorably with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Filmmaking. Ever since he has been engaged in many different tasks on short films as well as various image- and corporate productions. 

Besides his versatility on set, he can also contribute his effort in Pre-Production and show his skills in the editing and color grading process including the complete implementation of personal projects.

As a reliable and forward-thinking filmmaker, he makes a distinctive contribution to the successful completion of any project. He can work well in a team and live up to his responsibilities and results-driven goals. In addition, his creative mindset and adaptable, outgoing nature are often highly appreciated.